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Image of iTero 5D Scanner
iTero 5D Scanner
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Sure, there are other options out there for straightening your teeth, but none offers the level of comfort, convenience and confidence that you’ll find with Invisalign®.

  • Clear aligners are virtually invisible
  • Smooth comfortable plastic aligners
  • Aligners are removable for easy cleaning
  • Eat whatever you want

Is Invisalign treatment right for you? For many people, the answer is yes. Whether you just want to love your smile a little more, you think you’ve got a particularly tough case, or you’re a teen and your teeth are still growing in, Invisalign treatment can help with:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open Gap
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Baby/Permanent Teeth
  • Generally Straighter Teeth

At Wilfong Dental, we can create a 3D image of your teeth in just minutes using an iTero scanner, a leading digital scanner from the makers of Invisalign®.

The iTero 5D scanner can:

    • Able to get a better fit than with physical impressions
    • Show you your new smile before you begin treatment
    • Get a high-resolution, interactive image of your teeth
    • Track your progress at every appointment

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