Your Child’s First Dental Visit

img11My first ever blog here is my opinion on a question I am asked every day. When should children first see a dentist?

Kids should be seen by age three to have an exam and possible x-rays. We all know that this depends on the child’s cooperation!

We love first-time patients, especially little ones because we love to make sure they have fun and have a great experience. We want them to enjoy coming to the dentist. Yes, folks, that really IS possible! Times have changed and dental treatment and care can be comfortable. It is at our office!

Establishing a baseline for the child’s hygiene, diet, and adult tooth formation is extremely important. We can also detect missing teeth that may not be formed, early decay or decay risk among other things a parent may not be aware of.

Sometimes we recommend pit and fissure sealants to prevent decay in areas we feel are high risk and even arrest early decay that may be progressing. They are simple, effective and often set our youngest patients up for dental success!

Along with the exam, education is key. We are able to see and then advise parents in oral care and hygiene.

Over the course of your life, keeping your teeth intact is the best option. We love seeing kids early in order to help them and their families achieve the best oral health possible.


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